• Vima Service

    Vima Service

    Laboratory of ideas in a continuous cycle, VIMA SERVICE believes that we can do well only what we have.
  • Vima Service

    Vima Service

    Being a 100% Italian company, in the heads and hands of the people who work there, represents the productive force, the capacity and the efficiency in all the phases of execution.
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Our strength:

  • Our company has a strong point that makes it competent in several sectors, thanks to the people who compose it, which come from multiple business sectors and by combining their experiences we have managed to have a competence on a wide range of products.
  • Like any company involved in several fields of work we had to select and make agreements with collaborators or better defined as partners.
  • Partners are chosen by our Manager on the basis of well-structured criteria and on the basis of excellent quality and seriousness in their field.

Our activities are mainly poured into several sectors, but all have a common purpose, to resolve and improve the safety and traffic of people in new and existing buildings.

Here are our products and some of their applications.

  • Design: our studio has many years of experience in the field, chooses the best applications after having consulted the customer's needs.
  • Sale: the sale for us is to make available to solve the problems of our potential customer.
  • Assembly:: our teams are trained by qualified technicians in the field.
  • Maintenance:: our new maintenance formula includes all kinds of wear parts in stock in a warehouse in your building.
  • Warranty: up to 5 years in case of maintenance entrusted to our company.
  • Spare parts sales: our spare parts sales policy foresees a sales point in every country in which we market, plus our website is supplied with e-commerce, to buy online. The products will be delivered as soon as possible by the most reliable transporters in the sector. Times will vary depending on the country of shipping, our goal is the delivery in 48 hours.
  • Categories: they are proposed according to the product according to the type of requirement.
  • Applications: they are attributed to the type of use or need

Where are we:

Our offices: Directional Center of Napoli island 7

Legal seat: Via Torquato Tasso, 8 - Quarto - Napoli

Technical Office: Via Felice Cavallotti, 16 - Montecchio - Reggio Emilia

Contact: +390522861338
Mail: info@vima-service.it